Become a member!

If You want to become a member of Estonian St. Bernard Dog Breeding Club, fill out the statement here:

By clicking on the “Send” button, I confirm that the personal information submitted by me is true and I undertake to inform the management board without delay of any possible changes.

Apply for entry fees and membership fees to MTÜ Aretusklubi Eesti Bernhardiin (NGO Estonian St. Bernard Dog Breeding Club) to the account EE152200221036094063 (Swedbank, SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X).

Membership fee of 15 EUR per year and entrance fee of 5 EUR (one way payment).

In the first year of membership, the membership fee must be paid for a part-year as follows:
Upon joining the 1st quarter (January – March) EUR 15.00 EUR (100%);
Upon joining the second quarter (April – June) EUR 11.25 EUR (75%);
Upon joining the third quarter (July – September) EUR 7.50 EUR (50%);
Upon joining the fourth quarter (October – December) EUR 3.75 EUR (25%).

The end of deadline for the annual subscription is the last day of January.