Breeding Club

The Estonian St. Bernard Dog Breeding Club was founded in 14th of March 2007.
The aim of the Club is to support breeders and interested persons in
breeding in Estonia as well as in other countries. The founders of the Club are
mainly persons who have breeding experiences more than 10 years.
Since August 09 2007 the Club is the member of the Estonian Kennel Union.
In 2009 The Estonian St. Bernard Dog Breeding Club became the member of
WUSB. Untl then the founders of The Estonian St. Bernard Dog Breeding Club
participated in WUSB meetings as guests.

Harmonization of breeding in Estonia according to Swiss Standard
and WUSB directions.
Validating breeding rules in Estonia and observing the following of the rules.
Conducting special annual breeding controls and temperament tests using
internationally recognized specialists.
Supporting with translations and preparations of the information concerning breeding.
Schooling the breeders and giving certifications.
Organising lectures for St. Bernhard owners.
Co-operation with Estonian Animal Veterinary Association in medical
studies and veterinary advice.
Cooperation and exchange of information with Estonian University of Life
Sciences in the area of genetic research.